Hello! My name is  –  Ram Prasad Sarkar

I enjoy creating beautifully designed, intuitive, modern, responsive WordPress Websites. 

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Skills inside Me


Web Design & Development

  • WordPress CMS 95% 95%
  • DIVI Builder & Elementor Pro 97% 97%
  • On Page SEO 88% 88%
  • HTML5 & CSS 84% 84%
  • JavaScript (jQuery) 73% 73%
  • PHP & MySQL 75% 75%
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 57% 57%
  • Computer Tips & Tricks 93% 93%

My journey and experiences about WordPress.


Sharing my secret with you.  By profession, I am, an Electrical Engineer. I have no formal academic degree or courses in web development and web technology. Six years before, one fine evening, I was working on my laptop, suddenly, being curious, I had given a search on “how to make a website” while browsing and came to know about WordPress and made my first website following a tutorial video on YouTube. Since then my journey with WordPress is started, made few websites in WordPress (till date 29) for others.  I am very much enjoying it now and don’t hesitate to say this,’ I am completely falling in love with WordPress and it’s my passion now. I enjoy creating beautifully designed, intuitive, modern, responsive WordPress Websites.

As I said,  I’m self-taught but it took me two years to get where I am now.

I started to make my first website with WordPress in 2015. At that time, I was completely zero knowledge about programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, etc. As I was slowly attracted to WordPress, I understood that “ I can’t make a beautiful custom design website using only WordPress. I have to learn those programming languages as well as have to have a good knowledge of  Graphic Design sense using Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Sketch, etc. to become a complete Web Designer and Developer.
Over the years, I have learned through various courses available at Udemy, W3Schools, YouTube and last not the least INTERNET. At last I, believd if you have the passion to learn, you donts requre any formal Academic Degree to aquired, afterall INTERNET tought us everything.  I have gained the skills required to become a Complete Web Designer

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